Monday, October 29, 2007

Tantric Sex Increases Mental Power

Ancient Tantric knowledge makes us aware of the importance of sex to keep the brain functioning well into older age. In fact, great sex is the most pleasurable way to keep the brain functioning at its peak.

Science is now starting to prove it in a small way.
There are some attempts being made to measure how sex hormones influence the brain. In fact, a breakthrough study at the University of Calgary --published Jan 2003 in the prestigious Science Journal -- says that a hormone stimulated by sex may cause the production of new brain cells.

It would be interesting to see research done on Tantric lovemaking! It might be the next breakthrough…. In fact, during Tantric lovemaking you stimulate your body and your brain for much longer periods of time, and take it to higher levels than in regular sex.

Tantric sex requires complete presence to what is happening in your body and in your partner’s body. There are trillions of cells in the body, and all are involved in feeling sensations. The involvement is astronomical compared to that of regular sex.

So, it is easy to understand that if you have two or three hours of Tantric connection, you will have flooded your brain with pleasurable information that produces happy hormones and hormones that increase desire and bonding.

What can make your brain “sluggish” is being stuck in habits and routine. The brain loves newness, and Tantra suggests that you use different ways of connecting sexually, different positions, different ways of kissing, different places to make love in.

When you stay in the moment, you are as creative as children who are not habit bound yet.

Here is your Tantric tip:

Touch your lover with a different touch, for instance slower and more consciously than usual. Most women that I see in my sessions complain that their man moves his hands too fast and almost mechanically. Try a different way of touching and notice the results you are creating in your and her brain!

Have great sex and expand your brain!


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons from a Tantric Tango Dancer

Carla tells us how powerful orgasms can be life changing with the proper breathing technique and a partner who’s not a wimp!
Carla weaves her fascinating life’s experiences with secrets and lessons of Tantra and Tango on a tapestry of the myth of Adam and Eve. Her wisdom touches the core of the art of intimacy. Added to all of this is her expertise as a psychotherapist and as a Love Coach.

This is what people say about her book and working with her:

In a stunning tour de force, Carla Tara has embodied the spirit of Tantra, weaving myth, tantric practice, and Argentine tango into an irresistible dance of words and ideas. It is exciting reading that goes to the core of the art of intimacy -Maeve Fry, writer and opera singer

Thank you so much for making my session relaxing and informative and very nurturing. I’ve learned so much! It took me a long time to bring up the courage to ask for coaching because I was scared and ashamed that at 31 I was still a virgin. I never had the self-esteem to make love to a woman. And I did not know where to start. As soon as I walked in and received your hug I knew I could relax and trust your guidance ... I don’t know how you did it but you managed to move deeply into my strengths and guided me to believe in myself and my natural ability to love fully. The tantric techniques were very helpful as well. Shortly after your coaching session I took the girl I had been in love with -- but was too scared to be sexual with -- to a weekend vacation and I’m excited to tell you I’m no longer a virgin. She told me I’m a good lover! Thank God for people like you-Anthony

There are many priestesses of love but only one Carla. Her uniquely sensitive approach will guide you to the next level of intimacy as she reveals the good news about orgasm and the healing power of pleasure. Betty Dodson, PhD, author of Sex for One and Orgasms for Two

In this TRULY exceptional book Carla Tara shares invaluable Tantric lessons that will inspire and guide you to:

*Change limiting beliefs into life expanding and growth oriented ones
*Live courageously extracting the juice of life even when circumstances are challenging
*Use tantric secrets to reach your highest potential and find out from Carla what some of those tantric secrets are
*Heal wounds that might have contributed to disconnecting your heart from your sex center so you can experience and enjoy the fullness of your connection
*Open up to love responsibly and passionately, yet with spontaneity and innocence
*Get to really know yourself as both human and divine
*Develop and trust your intuition
*Be conscious, curious, creative and honest
*Love consciously and passionately retaining your child-like innocence
*Cultivate a deep harmonious connection with yourself and your lovers
*Retain passion in a relationship by connecting often on a core level through kind, honest, supportive communication expressing your feelings, needs, and desires
*Bring more orgasmic response into all aspects of your life

Carla’s book and philosophy resonates with The Secret. She has helped many men and women, and this would make an exciting interview for your show. Visit her website at:

The book is available at