Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dealing With Stress the Tantra Way

Life has become easier and more complicated at the same time.

Easier because we have everything closer at hand, complicated because we have many choices available and only limited time to study them and to pursue them.

We have to deal with: "what is the best way to deal with this? Who is right? Who can help us meet our challenges or solve our problems?"

What about if I make wrong choices because I have not studied the problem enough, or I've not asked the right people? What is 'enough'? Who is the best person that can counsel?

All of these decisions and indecision can be very stressful.

At these times, we may remember to trust our intuition. But how are we going to recognize what is intuition and what is just a strong desire to get past the painful problem solving time?

It gets especially painful when choices have to do with our health, our relationships and our job. The temptation to move fast in the hope of getting out of the pain of non-decision can be great, especially for dynamic personalities, but fast might not be the best move.

I suggest that you study 3 different good sources of information. There is something special about the number 3.

What do I mean by good sources? I mean generally recognized as valuable sources. Not just a friend or a family member, but recognized experts.

Then let go of the search, and take time for yourself to get into the core of your being where you are one with all that exists.

  • Do some body movements and stretching to relax the body
  • Lie down on a couch or mat and close your eyes
  • Visualize you are sitting in a room full of light. Give that light the color that represents love for you
  • Imagine every cells of your body soaking up the color of love
  • Do the Tantric Ocean Breath for about 10 minutesto get the energy moving
  • Pleasure your body with the same passion you would pleasure your lover
  • Do so until your body starts vibrating with energy and perhaps even moving in waves
  • Ride the orgasmic waves that are happening spontaneously
  • Enjoy the feeling of abandon
  • Get to a space of gratitude that you have a body
  • Then rest and ask yourself the question you want an answer to
  • Listen to the first answer you perceive
Intuition does not try to convince you. It just tells you the answer to your question and then it's quiet. It's not invested in being listened to. Intuition does not talk back to your questions: "but what if ..." The "what if" is the voice of the ego contradicting the intuition.

Stay with the first hint.

Get up and start taking the first step in the direction of the hint you have received.

You are on your way to solving your problem the best way for you and to achieving the desired result!

Enjoy the process. It works for me.
Please let me know if it works for you too.

Carla Tara

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni - Part Two: The Tulip

One of the wonderful insights of Tantra is that female energy is like a river -- you can never step in the same water twice, as it is always flowing and changing. For the male partner, this means it is important to remember that making love to a woman requires your total attention to how she's feeling in the moment, not remembering what turned her on last time you made love.

However there are some guidance posts in the physical structure of a yoni that you can use as relaxed guidance.

In my last newsletter, I described the first type - the violet. Today, I'm going to describe another yoni type - the Tulip.
TulipIf you love the act of intercourse itself, and prefer short genital foreplay, this is the yoni type for you.

Of course, you can extend the time of connection with her through
synchronized breathing, expressing your admiration and affection and with an exquisite Tantric body massage.

Her yoni's appearance may not be very impressive. She has a tiny clitoris next to the vaginal opening. Sometimes it's not even hooded, so it's very sensitive. Her inner lips are usually very small and thin, but also very sensitive.

But appearance does not determine sensation, and the woman with a Tulip yoni is blessed with a body that is well suited to the pleasure of the sexual act.

For her, the position of the clitoris makes it possible for her to be easily stimulated during intercourse, and the G-spot is close to the entrance and easily reached.

As you know, the G-spot is the lower end of the clitoris, which is the north pole of the yoni. Clitoris and G-spot are merging into the same sexual organ of pleasure.

In this type of yoni, the size of the vaginal cave is very deep, and can easily accommodate even longer sized lingams.

This type of yoni is usually dry, because she is hot and tends to evaporate the moisture quite fast. Please make sure that you have good lubrication close by when you make love to her.

Her amrita can taste from sweet to tart depending on her emotional mood.

If you do love to give her genital foreplay, be very, very gentle and slow; because of the sensitivity of both her clitoris and her inner lips. She likes to be stimulated by massaging and squeezing her outer lips together.

Often, this yoni tends to prefer intercourse to foreplay or oral because direct clitoral stimulation can actually be painful, and her clitoris receives a lot of stimulation from penetration alone.

She likes hard, fast intercourse with deep thrusting and movements that cause the lingam popping in and out of the vaginal entrance.

Her preferred intercourse positions? Well, she likes them all, but
especially positions that give her deep penetration. Positions with her
legs up are among her favorite ones.

Enjoy getting to know the woman first, and then delight in getting to know her yoni.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni - Part One: The Violet

There are 5 types of yonis that can be recognized and a myriad of other little differences that actually make each yoni completely unique.

Each type has certain characteristics that are helpful to recognize.

I gave these different types of yonis a name of a flower bringing to mind how each yoni opens up to loving touch like a flower opens to the sun. Today I will discuss the first type, which I call Violet.

I will talk about the other four major types in my next newsletters.

Yoni -- The Violet

Her clitoris is about 4 inches above the vaginal opening, and may be tiny.

Her hood pops out easily over the clitoris, and her inner lips are small.

The size of her vaginal cave is of average depth.

Her G-spot location: very deep and back. Therefore stimulating her g-spot can be critical to orgasm.

Her temperature is medium hot.

The taste of her amrita (sexual juices) is neutral.

She is naturally moist-damp.

A woman with this type of yoni will usually enjoy a lot of grinding in intercourse and will require direct clitoral stimulation by hand or vibrator to bring her to orgasm. She prefers gentle pressure and squeezing.

She will find oral sex pleasurable with some sucking of the clitoris and labia,
and some side to side flicking motions.

A woman who has a 'Violet Yoni' prefers the following intercourse positions:

She will often enjoy tight penetration. She may find a pillow under the small of back is great to change the angle of entry.

She usually likes doggy style with a straight back so you or she can stimulate her clitoris manually.

If your woman has this type of yoni, you can start using this information and enjoy the results!

If not, become more sensitive to her structure and her mood and enjoy the challenge and the blessings it will bring you!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal Appearance at Sedona Conference

Next week, I will be speaking at the Spring Conference & Gathering for Sacred Sexuality Healers, Teachers & Practitioners at Sedona Temple in Sedona, Arizona. My topic will be how Tantra can be used to unblock the buried pain of past trauma and heal past wounds.

The healers and teachers at Sedona Temple are wonderful people, and I am blessed to know several of them personally. Their 3-day annual conference brings together over 200 sex healers from around the country and internationally, and is one of my favorite gatherings of the Tantric community. This year, the conference theme is "BEING - The Difference That Makes a Difference," a message that we can all embrace and share.

If you are exploring a future as a Daka/Dakini, this is a wonderful chance to be exposed to a wide variety of teachers and yogis. You can sample some of the best of the Tantric world from around the country.

You can find information on the conference and registration details at the Sedona Temple website.

Be sure to say hello!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Ultimate Fine-Tuned Male Lover

Anyone can make love. It is a natural act we are born with an ability for. But like all natural human abilities, there is a vast difference between those who fumble along doing it any old way, and those who excel, learning new skills and fine-tuning their talent.

Men should know that just because some techniques drive one woman crazy, the same technique could irritate another or even the same woman at different times.

So what does a man need to know to perfect his love-making skills?

First of all, to become the ultimate lover and take your woman to higher, ecstatic levels, you need to know that your woman can be different from day to day. Her moods are more like waves -- sometimes calm, and sometimes very intense.

Sometimes she likes gentle caresses, and sometimes she prefers a deep touch.
Sometimes she likes a sweet romantic approach, and sometimes she just wants to be taken.

This challenge seems to keep men interested in learning more and to stay in the moment.

But there is more to consider than her mood and desire. There is the actual physical structure of the yoni. Tantra describes five distinctive types of yonis, and I'll be explaining them all in future postings, and what a man needs to know about each one to approach them all with attention and skill.

No matter what shape or size your lover is, you will know how to build her passion and bring her to ecstasy! Read more >>