Friday, June 27, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni: Part Four - The Orchid

Men, you are so lucky to have such variety of flowers in the female garden for your pleasure. Getting to know and appreciate each one of them is a worthwhile activity that will pay off immensely.

Today we are looking at the Orchid.

This yoni looks voluptuous and rich. The clitoris has many folds, each one a world to explore. This woman likes lots of foreplay.

The distance between the clitoris and the introitus is several fingers long.
The taste of her Amrita is a little salty.

Her g spot is mid-back of her pubic bone, deeper than you would expect.
Her cave is rather shallow; however it can deepen as she gets more excited.

When you do oral, she likes her hood lifted up and sucked on. This is different than some other women, who do not like their clitorises to be sucked on unhooded.

Although she prefers oral, she also likes finger probing and the finger is invited to
move in all directions.

When it comes to intercourse, she likes to keep it shallow, because otherwise it hurts her, therefore one of her favorite positions is spooning and thrusting from side angles. She likes pubic to pubic grinding as well. I would recommend that you don’t lift her legs because it would go in too deep and it would hurt her.

She prefers a thick and not too long lingam. If your lingam is very long, and you like full blown thrusting, you can ask her to hold her hand around it to make sure it does not go all in. This will satisfy you, and still be comfortable for her.

Enjoy getting to know the woman who cultivates this wonderful flower.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Tantra Helps Maintain Youthfulness

You might know individuals in their forties, fifties, sixties and even older who think, act, and look much younger than their chronological age. Their youthful attitude permeates their entire life. They keep their love relationships fresh, exciting, sensuous and intimate. Couples’ feelings for each other deepen and sexual attraction remains as strong as it was when they first fell in love.

These people live a Tantric life whether or not they have studied the Tantric secrets.

Some people are directly attuned to this knowledge. After all, the entire knowledge of the whole universe comes through to us if our mind is open and quiet enough to let it in. To receive the knowledge you have to have a firm intention to receive it, and a mind that is strong and flexible enough be open to it.

If your mind tends to be scattered, or stuck in old paradigms, Tantric training can help you. Tantra can also help if you have a job that requires you to be “inside your mind” a lot.

Through tantric training you learn to focus your mind on what works to achieve the deepest connection with body, mind and spirit. You are paying attention to the sensations in your body and you breathe deeply so they expand into higher excitement.

You are letting go of all thoughts based on comparisons, you are letting go of goals of performance, and you trust your natural sexuality, which is not mind-driven.

Sexual performance remains vigorous since you can sustain the excitement of riding the waves preceding the ejaculation much longer than you used to before practicing Tantra.

And yet, there is more to Tantra than enhanced sexual relationships. A Tantric lifestyle is all-encompassing, and includes more flexibility in mind and body, radiant health, feeling more youthful, and higher self-esteem. All of this serves to enhance both the work life and the family life. Health, flexibility, enhanced sexuality, and youthfulness become a self-feeding loop, constantly leading to higher vitality and inner satisfaction.

Those who understand and practice the Tantric principles realize that they have found the true Fountain of Youth.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father’s Day – Celebration For Some And Sadness For Others!

Fatherhood brings a lot of responsibility and also great joy to the man who is committed to being a loving father who honestly cares for the welfare of his children.

A good father bonds with his children and helps them along the path of finding out who they are, their talents, and to becoming the best they can be.

We know no one is perfect. However, there is a lot of satisfaction in being a ‘good enough’ father. A 'good enough' father finds time to spend with his children and nurtures his connection with his wife.

Tantra recommends building a strong love bond between parents because the stronger the love connection of the parents, the more children will grow up having a model of a marriage that works. A strong connection and good communication with his mate makes him a better lover and a better father.

Men who come to me for relationship counseling and Tantra get to understand on a deep level that trust in life comes from good mothering, and self-esteem comes from good fathering. When you tell your child that it’s OK to make mistakes and kindly but strongly invite them to look at the consequences of their actions to learn from their mistakes, you have helped your child with his or her self-esteem.

When you go to see your kids’ games, you have helped them feel important enough for you to take that time for them.

Father’s Day is your special day to celebrate all that and more.

However, I am thinking also of those fathers who made their woman pregnant by mistake and were not able or willing to commit to fatherhood. I can only imagine how painful a day like Father’s Day can be to these biological “fathers” who might have succumbed to a moment of passion and caused a birth of a human being that would grow up without them. I’m imagining that on a certain level both the child and the father are longing for each other.

Tantric wisdom extends an invitation to those “fathers” to celebrate Father’s Day as well, by forgiving themselves for their ignorance, lack of consideration of the consequences of their action, or lack of courage to take responsibility for it.

By doing this, they start to father their own inner kid that I’m guessing might not have had great self-esteem when that happened.

Forgiveness builds self-esteem and transforms guilt into love.

I also feel for those fathers who had the misfortune to lose their children in war or through some accident or sickness.

Holidays like this serve to help them mourn for the loss and get deeper into self-love.

My love goes out to all of you, fathers! Happy Father’s Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni: Part Three - The Lily

Again, we invite men to really notice everything about a woman: the way she moves, the way she tilts her head, the different kinds of smiling.

Every man I talk to is extremely happy when he sees his woman happy. There is an altruistic way men love their women.

One of the most important ways a man can honor his woman is to notice and admire her yoni. It is now common knowledge that every woman has a different yoni just as every person has a different finger print.

We are looking at yet another type of yoni today.

The Third Type of Yoni – The Lily

Her clitoris is several inches from the vaginal opening

She enjoys a lot of clitoral stimulation especially over her long, smooth tunnel-like hood

Her inner lips are thin, but a little thicker than the tulip yoni.

Her vaginal cavity is deep and naturally very wet.
Her Amrita tastes sweet. So lovers, please make sure you get to taste it.

She enjoys lots of foreplay and oral sex; she likes a lover who starts softly, almost just breathing on her, but is invited to go all the way to hard sucking when she's really turned on.

She likes squeezing on the sides--also called shafts--of the clitoris. She often increases her stimulation by sliding her hooded clitoris back and forth and around.

During intercourse she likes woman on top, doggy-style and side to side with her man's leg between her legs. She prefers positions that allow for grinding of the pubic bone.

She can accommodates and enjoy long lingam.
Enjoy making love to her yoni, but don’t forget to look into her eyes to let your love come through to her soul.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Exciting Video Interview with Carla Tara, about Tantric Sex!

It was very interesting being interviewed about a topic so dear to my heart. The interviewer was Anton of Sexy Spirits, a wonderful community that merges the knowledge of Taoism and Tantra.

And in spite of my deep knowledge of the subject I was feeling nervous wanting to give the most in the short time we had.

I would appreciate any comments about what you would have liked to hear more about.