Friday, February 15, 2008

An Unusual Valentine's Day Celebration

I received a phone call from a dear friend, Marylyn, wishing me a great Valentine's day and telling me she did not have a lover bringing her chocolate and flowers, but she had a great time. Her voice was consistent with the news. She sounded turned on and happy. "She definitely enjoys being by herself", I thought.

As though she had heard my thought, she said, "I do enjoy spending time with myself; I usually read a book, dance by myself, or play my guitar. But today I've decided to do something to have others feel enjoyment about being alive."
"So I've decided to go to an old folks home to help the people there to feel some joy. Many old people have been parked at a home and seldom see their loved ones."

What Marylyn said made me realize that when you are alone there is a tendency to interpret this as if you are not loved. Marylyn distinguished between being alone and being lonely. Alone can be a high state where you feel united with your higher self and with others spiritually; lonely is a state of feeling separate.

Marylyn went to the old folks home and showed the old folks a good connecting breathing exercise that she had learned in my Tantra class. They especially loved making a sexy sound on their exhalation. When she saw great aliveness coming back into these people, she started playing old songs which they could relate to. They loved them.

They started singing along, and feeling energized and connected with each other through the music that they shared. Soon their innate vitality came through clearly, sharing bright smiles to each other and to Marylyn.

Marylyn was beaming, her heart overflowing with joy for being able to be a catalyst for so much love. Her own enthusiasm for life and for music was beaming from every cell of her body.

Marylyn had a Tantric experience, as she put it. Her heart opened up very wide, and she felt energy spiraling up her spine similar to when she had sex with her lover. She realized that you don't have to touch genitals to have a tantric experience. This realization was coming to her as a thank you from the Goddess in her for her dedication to sharing her love unconditionally.

Another friend called me later to tell me that her lover came to visit her from far away unexpectedly and sparks were flying. She asked me for advice on how to deal with so much energy. Of course, the advice I gave her is to take deeper breaths and connect with each with a slower approach to lovemaking. Take time to kiss slowly while looking into each other's eyes. To enjoy each sensation of each touch or love expression as though your whole bodies are melting into each other.

How was your Valentine's Day? If it was not what you wanted, know you have the choice to create one every day.