Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Tantra Master

I wake up this morning feeling grateful that I am alive. Silently, I formulate words of gratefulness and my heart responds to them, beating more enthusiastically. My mouth is shaping a wonderful smile and my eyes open widely.
Then I take time to tune into the pleasurable current of energy that wakes up my whole body. I place one hand on my heart and the other on my belly, connecting love with power.
Next, I gently place one hand on my throat and the other on my genitals to feel kinesthetically the wonderful connection between the communication center and the sex center.
As women, we know that expressing pleasant thoughts and receiving communication that shows we are seen by our lover opens our hearts. And once our heart is open, the energy spirals easily to our sex center and back and forth increasing the energy, preparing us for the best lovemaking.
I’m now going through another level of awakening by taking a wonderful shower. Rivulets of water flowing down every inch of my body create great pleasure. I feel the touch of thousands of water droplets cleansing me and opening up my skin to breathe more freely and feel more vividly anything touching it, from my sheer silky clothes to the caress of a loving hand.
Then I sit to meditate in front of my table which is covered with colorful silk, adorned with flowers, a candle and an image of a Tantric couple in bliss.
I meditate on my breath, my closest connection to life, deepening it and slowing it down, each breath another opportunity to unite the outer with the inner, consciousness with energy . . . until I experience an exhilarating union between the female and the male energy within me, which takes me to an even higher level of connection between my body and my spirit.
I am experiencing the marriage of human wholeness that was never supposed to be broken.
After this nourishing morning ritual, I am ready to be of service to those people who want to understand and ultimately experience this connection.
Whom am I going to help today? Who is going to call? Who is going to make a last minute appointment? Just habitual questions…. I actually don’t need to know the answers, because anything that happens is going to be taken care of by the guidance and the inspiration that flows forth from a central core of infinite love and wisdom.
I know that a wonderful couple has scheduled three hours this afternoon. I know he wants his woman to more open to express her sexuality and ask for what she wants and sometimes to initiate lovemaking.
She wants him to be more gentle, and take more time in the foreplay.
When I inquired during our telephone conversation whether she had asked him that, she said: “No, I don’t want to hurt his feelings.” I understood that she was afraid she might hurt his ego. She knows he is convinced he is a great lover. How could she dare to tell him she would like something different?
I’m excited to have the opportunity to help her open her mind to a new reality,
one that sees her man not as a someone she has to protect, but as a friend, a partner in love, who will be excited to know what she desires from him so they can together reach the highest possible orgasmic connection.

I know she wants him to look into her eyes and see who she really is, present before him, not as a projection of who she is to him in his mind. When she sees this true awareness of her in his eyes, she will be inspired to find the words to ask for that and more.
She can initiate the lovemaking with her smile, melt her man with her powerfully soft approach. That’s how she’s going to initiate the connection this afternoon… who knows though, some other approach might come through. I am open to receive the directions from my core as I keep connecting with the infinite wisdom and love that we are. My core and her core have the same wisdom. Only in some of us, that wisdom is clouded by limiting beliefs that we have unconsciously acquired.
She will be able to communicate to her lover honestly and softly, inviting a similarly clear, honest and soft reaction. Such communication engenders trust in both partners.
A communication that makes you feel trusting is a prerequisite to love and to ecstasy. Ecstatic moments are essential for the health of the body, the emotions and the soul. We need to create more time for those nourishing moments.
Our sex center loves to relax and vibrate with the joy of being alive, especially in the presence of trust.

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