Friday, March 21, 2008

Making Deposits to Your Energy Account

My greatest desire is to reach a great number of people to share my passion with, and to invite as many as possible
• to live a more conscious and pleasurable life,
• to live more in the heart and the creative brain than in the critical brain,
• to express love by connecting on all levels,
• and to have great sex.

I believe that having a fulfilling life means living with awareness, intelligence and passion.

While the style of life today provides you with material benefits, the stress it creates takes its toll by draining energy from your body and your psyche.

Many people spend numerous hours at work straining their minds and forcing their bodies to sit in the same position, whereas bodies are made to move and breathe deeply to stay healthy.

Often at work you must contain your emotions and play the role of rational thinking professionals. However, emotions are there to give us information about our inner state, and they are supposed to flow.

This lifestyle is depleting us of energy.

When we come home we want to experience some pleasure and freedom, but the body is not vibrantly alive enough to express itself fully.

Watching sex videos may stir up some passion that induces you to stimulate yourself sexually –whether alone or with your lover - in order to feel a sometimes intense, but short-lived release. Usually, after the release (which many confuse with orgasm), you feel tired, but you may interpret that as relaxed because we have forgotten what true relaxation feels like.

This kind of sexual activity can be fun, but not deeply nourishing to your body and soul. It does not make an energetic deposit into you energy account.

It's like dealing with a financial checking account. You start with a balance that is debited according to the withdrawals of money you make. To keep a positive balance on the account you must make regular corresponding deposits to the checking account.
We can think of the energy in our systems in the same way. The more you stress (withdraw), the more you need to put back in to keep the original balance.

Tantra enables you to make deposits not only to sustain your life but to keep youthfully vital and healthy.

You need some time of pleasure, of being with yourself and your lover -feeling, thinking and behaving genuinely, giving up the act you often have to put on for social and business relationships.

You have a need to be spontaneous, and to experience new ways of connecting and sharing on a deep level.

Tantra teaches you how to create pleasure consciously and enjoy it longer, thus contributing to the energy bank account.

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