Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What is a Cervix Orgasm?


I have just discovered my g-spot, and loved the orgasms I have when it is well stimulated.

I was feeling so great thinking that now I know everything about my sexuality.

However, my friend ruined it for me the other day by saying that the cervix orgasm is better. I don’t even know you can have a cervical orgasm. Is it true?


First of all, orgasms cannot be compared. They are different for everyone and you can reach different heights at different days depending on many circumstances, including your mood, and especially the quality of your connection.

However, I am glad that your friend mentioned the cervix orgasm, because most people have never heard of it. The more you know about your anatomy, the more you can enjoy your body.

The cervix is the end of the canal that starts at the entrance of your vagina which Tantra calls the yoni or ‘sacred space.’ The cervix is made of cartilage, and it’s smooth and firm like the tip of the nose. It has something called the Os, that means mouth in Latin, which is the opening into the uterus.

After the clitoris and the g-spot -- the place inside your vagina behind the pubic bone at the base of the clitoris (Tantra calls this the 'Goddess spot’) -- have been stimulated and engorged, the cervix lifts higher and, consequently, the vaginal canal elongates and the cervix becomes more difficult to reach with the fingers.

However, the penis can reach it more easily, and if your man knows how to move well to stimulate your cervix without hitting it too hard, he can bring you to powerful orgasms usually accompanied by ejaculation of abundant sexual fluid which Tantra calls Amrita.

Now that you have found out about this wonderful experience, sometimes called the X Orgasm, I hope you have a lover that can help you reach this great orgasm!


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Anonymous said...

This is interesting to learn. When mentoring a virgin many years ago, she marvelled at achieving this moment of bliss, only as result of very deep penetration. A "cervix orgasm" is perhaps the best explanation for this phenomena I have heard in the 30 yrs since.
Thanks for the pleasant memories.