Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Ultimate Fine-Tuned Male Lover

Anyone can make love. It is a natural act we are born with an ability for. But like all natural human abilities, there is a vast difference between those who fumble along doing it any old way, and those who excel, learning new skills and fine-tuning their talent.

Men should know that just because some techniques drive one woman crazy, the same technique could irritate another or even the same woman at different times.

So what does a man need to know to perfect his love-making skills?

First of all, to become the ultimate lover and take your woman to higher, ecstatic levels, you need to know that your woman can be different from day to day. Her moods are more like waves -- sometimes calm, and sometimes very intense.

Sometimes she likes gentle caresses, and sometimes she prefers a deep touch.
Sometimes she likes a sweet romantic approach, and sometimes she just wants to be taken.

This challenge seems to keep men interested in learning more and to stay in the moment.

But there is more to consider than her mood and desire. There is the actual physical structure of the yoni. Tantra describes five distinctive types of yonis, and I'll be explaining them all in future postings, and what a man needs to know about each one to approach them all with attention and skill.

No matter what shape or size your lover is, you will know how to build her passion and bring her to ecstasy!

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