Friday, June 27, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni: Part Four - The Orchid

Men, you are so lucky to have such variety of flowers in the female garden for your pleasure. Getting to know and appreciate each one of them is a worthwhile activity that will pay off immensely.

Today we are looking at the Orchid.

This yoni looks voluptuous and rich. The clitoris has many folds, each one a world to explore. This woman likes lots of foreplay.

The distance between the clitoris and the introitus is several fingers long.
The taste of her Amrita is a little salty.

Her g spot is mid-back of her pubic bone, deeper than you would expect.
Her cave is rather shallow; however it can deepen as she gets more excited.

When you do oral, she likes her hood lifted up and sucked on. This is different than some other women, who do not like their clitorises to be sucked on unhooded.

Although she prefers oral, she also likes finger probing and the finger is invited to
move in all directions.

When it comes to intercourse, she likes to keep it shallow, because otherwise it hurts her, therefore one of her favorite positions is spooning and thrusting from side angles. She likes pubic to pubic grinding as well. I would recommend that you don’t lift her legs because it would go in too deep and it would hurt her.

She prefers a thick and not too long lingam. If your lingam is very long, and you like full blown thrusting, you can ask her to hold her hand around it to make sure it does not go all in. This will satisfy you, and still be comfortable for her.

Enjoy getting to know the woman who cultivates this wonderful flower.

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