Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni: Part Three - The Lily

Again, we invite men to really notice everything about a woman: the way she moves, the way she tilts her head, the different kinds of smiling.

Every man I talk to is extremely happy when he sees his woman happy. There is an altruistic way men love their women.

One of the most important ways a man can honor his woman is to notice and admire her yoni. It is now common knowledge that every woman has a different yoni just as every person has a different finger print.

We are looking at yet another type of yoni today.

The Third Type of Yoni – The Lily

Her clitoris is several inches from the vaginal opening

She enjoys a lot of clitoral stimulation especially over her long, smooth tunnel-like hood

Her inner lips are thin, but a little thicker than the tulip yoni.

Her vaginal cavity is deep and naturally very wet.
Her Amrita tastes sweet. So lovers, please make sure you get to taste it.

She enjoys lots of foreplay and oral sex; she likes a lover who starts softly, almost just breathing on her, but is invited to go all the way to hard sucking when she's really turned on.

She likes squeezing on the sides--also called shafts--of the clitoris. She often increases her stimulation by sliding her hooded clitoris back and forth and around.

During intercourse she likes woman on top, doggy-style and side to side with her man's leg between her legs. She prefers positions that allow for grinding of the pubic bone.

She can accommodates and enjoy long lingam.
Enjoy making love to her yoni, but don’t forget to look into her eyes to let your love come through to her soul.

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