Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why Tantric Healing is Essential

We are born whole with an infinite potential for joy and ecstasy. We feel entitled to being taking care of. We are enthusiastic about discovering our world.

However, many people have been wounded either by neglect or by being treated as a burden from mother, father, or other family member. This has contributed greatly to the erosion of our trust in life.

Without that safety, we cannot open up fully to experience our full potential.

Healing means restoring you to your original wholeness.

A trained Tantrika can help you reconnect with the Universal Mother, the Goddess, who treats you like the special person you really are. We all have the archetype of the Goddess/Mother within.

As you restore trust you can start feeling worthy of the infinite potential of love. Once this basic trust that your survival is assured, other wounding can be addressed.

Another source of wounding for many people is the way we were taught the restricting rules of society. "Don't do this, don't do that. . ." If you are a boy: "Don't cry!" If you are a girl: "don't be angry!" You started feeling boxed in.

Every time you suffered a shocking experience when someone shamed you for feeling sexual or hurt you in any way, you locked up some of you natural, exuberant passion you were born with.

Remnants of sexual wounding are usually found in the water-based sexual center, and a skilled Tantrika can help you melt it and experience your full sexual potential.

If you were improperly touched or sexually abused, you probably felt powerless because the abuser obviously did not ask your permission. So you might have a block in your power center.

When you are "used" for someone else's pleasure your brain connects sexual pleasure only with the genitals and not with the heart, thus creating the split between sex and love.

And some of our religions have done similar damage to our psyche by creating the split between sex and spirit.

In my sessions, I set and hold the intention of connecting with and opening all the energy centers.

As a healer, a tantrika creates a safe space for your feelings and listens to your words, and especially pays attention to images and body language. Your unconscious reveals itself through images, sensations and body language.

Expanded sexual energy always helps unblock when you feel safe.

Transformation happens when we befriend the unconscious and establish a healthy connection to the present time. Unproductive or negative patterns can dissolve and you can restore your full potential for a fulfilling love life.

Tantric healing opens up enormous amount of energy that becomes available for your lovemaking.

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