Friday, May 2, 2008

Personal Appearance at Sedona Conference

Next week, I will be speaking at the Spring Conference & Gathering for Sacred Sexuality Healers, Teachers & Practitioners at Sedona Temple in Sedona, Arizona. My topic will be how Tantra can be used to unblock the buried pain of past trauma and heal past wounds.

The healers and teachers at Sedona Temple are wonderful people, and I am blessed to know several of them personally. Their 3-day annual conference brings together over 200 sex healers from around the country and internationally, and is one of my favorite gatherings of the Tantric community. This year, the conference theme is "BEING - The Difference That Makes a Difference," a message that we can all embrace and share.

If you are exploring a future as a Daka/Dakini, this is a wonderful chance to be exposed to a wide variety of teachers and yogis. You can sample some of the best of the Tantric world from around the country.

You can find information on the conference and registration details at the Sedona Temple website.

Be sure to say hello!

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