Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dealing With Stress the Tantra Way

Life has become easier and more complicated at the same time.

Easier because we have everything closer at hand, complicated because we have many choices available and only limited time to study them and to pursue them.

We have to deal with: "what is the best way to deal with this? Who is right? Who can help us meet our challenges or solve our problems?"

What about if I make wrong choices because I have not studied the problem enough, or I've not asked the right people? What is 'enough'? Who is the best person that can counsel?

All of these decisions and indecision can be very stressful.

At these times, we may remember to trust our intuition. But how are we going to recognize what is intuition and what is just a strong desire to get past the painful problem solving time?

It gets especially painful when choices have to do with our health, our relationships and our job. The temptation to move fast in the hope of getting out of the pain of non-decision can be great, especially for dynamic personalities, but fast might not be the best move.

I suggest that you study 3 different good sources of information. There is something special about the number 3.

What do I mean by good sources? I mean generally recognized as valuable sources. Not just a friend or a family member, but recognized experts.

Then let go of the search, and take time for yourself to get into the core of your being where you are one with all that exists.

  • Do some body movements and stretching to relax the body
  • Lie down on a couch or mat and close your eyes
  • Visualize you are sitting in a room full of light. Give that light the color that represents love for you
  • Imagine every cells of your body soaking up the color of love
  • Do the Tantric Ocean Breath for about 10 minutesto get the energy moving
  • Pleasure your body with the same passion you would pleasure your lover
  • Do so until your body starts vibrating with energy and perhaps even moving in waves
  • Ride the orgasmic waves that are happening spontaneously
  • Enjoy the feeling of abandon
  • Get to a space of gratitude that you have a body
  • Then rest and ask yourself the question you want an answer to
  • Listen to the first answer you perceive
Intuition does not try to convince you. It just tells you the answer to your question and then it's quiet. It's not invested in being listened to. Intuition does not talk back to your questions: "but what if ..." The "what if" is the voice of the ego contradicting the intuition.

Stay with the first hint.

Get up and start taking the first step in the direction of the hint you have received.

You are on your way to solving your problem the best way for you and to achieving the desired result!

Enjoy the process. It works for me.
Please let me know if it works for you too.

Carla Tara

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