Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni - Part Two: The Tulip

One of the wonderful insights of Tantra is that female energy is like a river -- you can never step in the same water twice, as it is always flowing and changing. For the male partner, this means it is important to remember that making love to a woman requires your total attention to how she's feeling in the moment, not remembering what turned her on last time you made love.

However there are some guidance posts in the physical structure of a yoni that you can use as relaxed guidance.

In my last newsletter, I described the first type - the violet. Today, I'm going to describe another yoni type - the Tulip.
TulipIf you love the act of intercourse itself, and prefer short genital foreplay, this is the yoni type for you.

Of course, you can extend the time of connection with her through
synchronized breathing, expressing your admiration and affection and with an exquisite Tantric body massage.

Her yoni's appearance may not be very impressive. She has a tiny clitoris next to the vaginal opening. Sometimes it's not even hooded, so it's very sensitive. Her inner lips are usually very small and thin, but also very sensitive.

But appearance does not determine sensation, and the woman with a Tulip yoni is blessed with a body that is well suited to the pleasure of the sexual act.

For her, the position of the clitoris makes it possible for her to be easily stimulated during intercourse, and the G-spot is close to the entrance and easily reached.

As you know, the G-spot is the lower end of the clitoris, which is the north pole of the yoni. Clitoris and G-spot are merging into the same sexual organ of pleasure.

In this type of yoni, the size of the vaginal cave is very deep, and can easily accommodate even longer sized lingams.

This type of yoni is usually dry, because she is hot and tends to evaporate the moisture quite fast. Please make sure that you have good lubrication close by when you make love to her.

Her amrita can taste from sweet to tart depending on her emotional mood.

If you do love to give her genital foreplay, be very, very gentle and slow; because of the sensitivity of both her clitoris and her inner lips. She likes to be stimulated by massaging and squeezing her outer lips together.

Often, this yoni tends to prefer intercourse to foreplay or oral because direct clitoral stimulation can actually be painful, and her clitoris receives a lot of stimulation from penetration alone.

She likes hard, fast intercourse with deep thrusting and movements that cause the lingam popping in and out of the vaginal entrance.

Her preferred intercourse positions? Well, she likes them all, but
especially positions that give her deep penetration. Positions with her
legs up are among her favorite ones.

Enjoy getting to know the woman first, and then delight in getting to know her yoni.


Carla Tara said...

Thank you for your question.

From your description, I believe that your wife has a very sensitive clitoris that cannot take direct stimulation when it's unhooded.

You might want to try to stimulating her shafts first; there is one on the right and one on the left of the clitoris. These little shafts are roots that go directly to the g spot. Usually one shaft responds better than the other. I suggest that you find out. It's worth it.

Also before you go to the vaginal area, make sure you kiss her mouth and her breasts, and massage her inner thighs. Such loving massage can liberate lots of energy that becomes available to the sex center. Then massage her outer lips, one by one. She will enjoy the attention. Don't forget the inner lips as well.

Sometimes just breathing on her clitoris is very hot and pleasurable,

Some women prefer that you stimulate their g spot before you pay too much attention to the clitoris. When they are hot with the g spot stimulation, they might enjoy a more direct stimulation on the clitoris, even if it has to be over the hood.

Communication between the two of you will go a long way, since every women is different and only she can give you guidance.

Perhaps you can try to say to her that you want to schedule some play time to find out what pleases her.

Enjoy the discovery! Every woman has a hidden treasure. It is up to you to discover it.

Carla Tara

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely keep trying. Is there anyway you can delete my email address from the previous comment?

Carla Tara said...

I have deleted a previous comment at the request of the commenter, who included his email address, but wanted to remain anonymous.

Talking about relationships and sexuality can be very confronting, and in the open atmosphere of the Internet, you may feel very exposed.

Always take care to make sure you feel safe and secure in any communication online and offline. When you feel you are speaking from a place of safety, you can go deeper, and explore more fully your own personal journey.