Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Five Types of Yoni - Part One: The Violet

There are 5 types of yonis that can be recognized and a myriad of other little differences that actually make each yoni completely unique.

Each type has certain characteristics that are helpful to recognize.

I gave these different types of yonis a name of a flower bringing to mind how each yoni opens up to loving touch like a flower opens to the sun. Today I will discuss the first type, which I call Violet.

I will talk about the other four major types in my next newsletters.

Yoni -- The Violet

Her clitoris is about 4 inches above the vaginal opening, and may be tiny.

Her hood pops out easily over the clitoris, and her inner lips are small.

The size of her vaginal cave is of average depth.

Her G-spot location: very deep and back. Therefore stimulating her g-spot can be critical to orgasm.

Her temperature is medium hot.

The taste of her amrita (sexual juices) is neutral.

She is naturally moist-damp.

A woman with this type of yoni will usually enjoy a lot of grinding in intercourse and will require direct clitoral stimulation by hand or vibrator to bring her to orgasm. She prefers gentle pressure and squeezing.

She will find oral sex pleasurable with some sucking of the clitoris and labia,
and some side to side flicking motions.

A woman who has a 'Violet Yoni' prefers the following intercourse positions:

She will often enjoy tight penetration. She may find a pillow under the small of back is great to change the angle of entry.

She usually likes doggy style with a straight back so you or she can stimulate her clitoris manually.

If your woman has this type of yoni, you can start using this information and enjoy the results!

If not, become more sensitive to her structure and her mood and enjoy the challenge and the blessings it will bring you!

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I enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for sharing. I am interested in learning the other types as well...please let me know how to find out about them.

Thank you.
Leesa, goddess of the gypsy moon
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